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Able Tours provides essential and specialist services to adults and young people with special needs since 1996.

With thrilling monthly programs, clients enjoy socialising, while doing recreational activities. Lynette runs weekly, social activities all over Christchurch with something for everyone’s taste. She organises holidays and tours all over New Zealand and takes clients away on exciting overseas holidays.

Lynette has a team of dedicated carers who work with her on a voluntary basis. They are always attentive on tour and help to ensure that trips are memorable and enjoyable. Sometimes you will see Lynette’s daughter, who is a registered nurse join us on tours also.

Lynette has clients who attend her trips again and again and she is always open to suggestions and new ideas. Feedback is very important – tell her, where you want to go and what you want to do?

Speak to Lynette about her programme of events and upcoming overseas holidays. Lynette is supported by the Ministry of Health and carer support days can be used as payment / part payment for trips.

Please do not hesitate to contact Lynette should you have any questions.


Able Tours Enable are always looking for carers to volunteer to assist with day trips and tours.

To find out more information, call Lynette

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